We Pet India


WTI understands that there are thousands of Pet parents who wanted to travel with their pet kids but sadly could never have access to hotels and transportation that were Pet friendly and if they did manage to find one, they were stuck with almost no option to feed their Pets while they travel. WTI thus extends to you another vertical called Pet Travel India which is operational in Uttarakhand and plans to expand nationally. This vertical helps pet parents to customize their travel plan according to their and their pet kid’s convenience. PTI, which is a concern of WTI assists Pet parents with:

  • Pet Friendly hotels, resorts, camps, cottages and a wide range of accommodation facilities.
  • Pet Friendly cabs and transportation
  • Pet Fresh Food while you travel with your pet kid
  • Free Pet consultation from Naturopathy and Ayurvedic Sciences

Now travel and experience life with your four legged kid..........!!